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  • More than 250 TV channel
  • Latest and Best Movies,TV shows, and cartoons
  • All contents are available 24/7
  • HD high quality
  • Discounts, gifts and promotions
  • 20% off on second device
next $30 per month.
service cancellation any time.
About the service
Are you often in places without your favorite TV programs? we will bring it all to you across the Internet and into your living room, no matter where you are require Internet speed 5 MBTS
  • 3 Bachelors
  • Betaal
  • Gol Maal 1979
  • ABCD 2
  • Dangal
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Main Zaroor Aaunga
Available on SmartTV
Live main events all sports around the globe with Major networks With convenient way to subscribe and to manage your devices, you can easy process your payments straight with TV remote control Samsung Legacy, Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS
  • Steven Universe
  • The Report
  • The Old Maid
  • Death of a Salesman
  • Motives
  • The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age SmackDown
  • Survive the Night
Video On-demand library
Thousands of videos with latest studios release in excellent quality with subtitles and advanced viewing playback controls in HD quality. All films are provided with a poster-cover of the film, a detailed description of the plot, the cast and background information about the year of release, the duration and position of the film in the relative world rating * Rewind, Stop and Forward
  • Survive the Night
  • The Devil's Ground
  • Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It
  • Killbird
  • Fast and Fierce: Death Race
  • Crispy's Curse
  • Message of Hope
Kids delighted entertainment
Because their satisfaction matters, we strive to keep on date with latest kids movies and we lined up a wonderful channels for all ages * cartoon, animation and kids movies
  • Amaanat 1994
  • Death Do Us Part
  • Loitering with Intent
  • Notes on an Appearance
  • Noah
  • Case Jaundice
  • Stand Strong
TV archive
Don't miss your favorite program or event with 7 days TV archive you can replay recorded TV that allows you to view the old channel broadcasting network without interrupting viewing only available with EPG channels enabled
  • Malang
  • Amarcord
  • Veer-Zaara
  • A Touch of Class
  • The Outsider 2020
  • Stumptown
  • Safe
Flexible plans
Choose what you like the most form our affordable and convenient subscriptions plans with promotions and gifts for additional devices. You can pay for service with a VISA / MASTER CARD. Remember or write down the personal account number and indicate it when making a payment